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Farked Fotos

Here's the latest; these are from a number of different "events"... Enjoy!

me nye me daboys stupid
6pm New Years Eve... 4am New Years Day. Need I say more? Love those dregs beer bongs at 3am New Years Day... Aren't we handsome buggers after several beers? Centurion... We didn't get far... ;-)

And some more...

keg me
Oddly enough this is my last memory from the night... "Gotta support the team" "Whoa, careful, careful" (New Years Day was a long one...) "uh uh uh uh Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive...." "MICHAEL!....."

The original ones...

ads nods squark steve steve
See Adam blend into the bath. Noddy in all his glory. Squarky's interpretation of femininity. "Uggh! damn, she was ugly!" Steve on his way to Uni.

Thanks to Joneseeyys site for most of these classy beer day photos... And you said I never put pictures of me up here!

steve every1 daboys me jonesy
"Is that a light beer over there..." Random drunk collage These are times of high inflation... Me and my beer. Dunno who the other 2 are... "Thou shalt get ... naked!"

We're getting quite a collection here.... ;-) Thanks to Cameo for these, and keep 'em coming!

hmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm
"You can get it any old how..." "Look, I told you. If anything, she needs more drinks... not sleep!" I really have no comment on this one... I have no idea where this was taken and why I'm in it! "Nooo onee wiull n..n... noticshe me [hic] hiding..here...."

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