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Welcome to FARKED.COM, your one-stop-shop for embarassing photos, anecdotes and discusssion of events / people who aren't just farked, they're farked.COM! Yes the site has changed... Well ok, it looks different, it doesn't actually do anything new ;-) Now please READ THE NEWS! (below).

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Wednesday, July 19th - Welcome to the new look site. This new look has actually been festering on my computer at home for ages now, I was gonna do heaps of new stuff content-wise but have decided I can't be farked. So here it is. Oh yeah, and it looks shit on Netscape. Their fault, not mine. Read the sad but true story here.

Friday, May 19th - Welcome to America! FARKED.COM has moved. Read about it here.

Monday, May 8th - United Energy has FARKED UP AGAIN! 3 times in just over a week! Down till 10am this morning. Grrrr.

Saturday, May 6th - Voting at FARKED.COM has begun! Place your vote now!

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